Potential For Winter Weather Sunday Jan 2nd - Monday Jan 3rd

There is a chance for our area to be affected by some winter weather occurring overnight Sunday January 2nd into Monday January 3rd.  At this time we are not expecting a snow emergency to be enacted or required, but our Winter Weather Routes will be in effect with any freezing rain, snow, sleet, hail or ice covering of those specific roadways. 

Winter Warning. A winter warning shall be in effect when roads are covered with freezing rain, snow, sleet, hail, or ice. The mayor or other official designated by borough council may declare the start time for a winter warning in preparation for and in anticipation of those conditions. The declaration of a winter warning may be announced by posting at the borough municipal building; or by radio, newspaper, email, social media sites or other available media. The termination of a winter warning may be announced in the same manner. When a winter warning is in effect, no person shall park a motor vehicle or allow that vehicle to remain parked on any portion of a winter warning route as set forth in section 11-56.2.    

11-56.2 Designation of winter warning routes.

(a)      East Linden Street, north side, from Broad Street to Willow Street;

(b)      North Willow Street, east side, from East Linden Street to East State Street;

(c)      South Walnut Street, east side, from East South Street to Southview Avenue.

The full ordinance on Snow Emergency and Winter Warning Routes is also attached for reference.