The Kennett Square Police Department has received reports from local and surrounding residents regarding suspicious calls they have received from what appears to be coming from the Kennett Square Police Department phone number.  Residents have reported receiving calls from the Kennett Square Police Department informing them of issues with their drivers’ licenses, credit cards and IRS issues.  Residents have been asked to then provide sensitive personal information such as Dates of Birth, Social Security Numbers, and bank account information.  Residents are threatened with arrest if the information is not provided to the caller.  In similar instances residents stated they received a call from relatives who had been arrested and are now in need of money for bail. 

The Kennett square Police Department would like to remind all residents to NEVER provide any personal information upon receiving similar calls.  Any residents who have  received similar calls and who may have provided personal information are urged to check and monitor their credit reports and contact their credit agencies.  In the event any fraudulent activities occur, victims should report the information to their respective police departments.

This is an example of "spoofing" where a caller masks their number and makes it appear as though it is coming from a legitimate source.  In the event anyone receives further calls relating to this please hang up and call the non emergency number for Chester County Police Radio at (610) 268-3171 and ask to speak with an officer.  The Kennett Square Police Department administration office can be reached at (610) 444-0501.