Mission Statement

The Kennett Township Police Department is dedicated to providing professional police services to those who live within, work within, or visit the Township.  Kennett Township Police Officers seek to benefit those they serve, as well as the profession of law enforcement, by committing themselves to fair and impartial application of the law, tenacious pursuit of the truth, and respect for the individual.

The Kennett Township Police Department strives to preserve and promote the feeling of security and safety to all members of the public it serves.  This department understands that trust must be present for officers to succeed in their sworn duties and that the overall success of the Kennett Township Police Department is based on the alliance it has with the residents of the community.

Officers, while engaging in either diligent proactive measures or conducting investigations in a reactive role, are dedicated to accomplishing the task at hand in a lawful and professional manner.

By demonstrating integrity, honesty, compassion, tolerance, and accountability, the Kennett Township Police Department and its officers will achieve their vision to improve the quality of life for the residents they serve and hold responsible those who seek to disrupt it.