On 6/20/17 at approximately 5:45pm police were dispatched to the intersection of East Hillendale Rd and Kaolin Rd for a road rage incident where a handgun was pointed at the victim. The victim said he and his wife and children were harassed by someone driving behind him because he figured the angry driver thought he got cut off. The victim said the suspect vehicle passed him at one point and the victim’s wife was able to take a picture of the suspect’s vehicle and license plate. A short time later the suspect vehicle was stopped to make a left turn and the victim went around. The suspect vehicle then continued straight ahead and followed the victim again. The victim said the driver of the suspect vehicle pointed a handgun at him and his family and then continued on his way. The investigation commenced and through cooperation and assistance from surrounding police departments, the suspect was identified as Javier M. Leon, a 26-year-old male from Limestone Rd in Oxford, Pa. Leon was charged with Terroristic Threats (Misdemeanor-1), Simple Assault By Physical Menace (Misdemeanor-2) and Disorderly Conduct (Summary).