The North Coventry Township Police Department is investigating the report of a computer/phone scam.  The Victim in this case advised they recieved a Pop Up ad on thier computer advising that the computer was infected with a virus.  The Pop Up advised that the victim could recieve help from "".  The victim made contact to the company and paid $199 for a 3 year service contract and the problem was resolved.  The victim advised that the company was given remote access to the computer which would allow the company to access and view anything stored on the computer.  The victim advised there had been no problems with the computer since the initial incident.  The victim advised that two representatives from the company had called and advised there was an issue with the account and after several phone calls the victim purchased $2500 worth of iTunes Gift Cards and supplied the representatives with the numbers so they could be used.  When asked for more money the victim contacted police.  After looking at the victims bank account statements it appeared that someone was able to withdraw an additional $1240.00 for the victims bank account since the representatives were able to remotely access the computer.  The victim was advised to report all fraudulent withdraws made on the account and freeze all accounts until the victim could go to a local branch to verify security.  The victim was advised to lock the computer and take the computer to a professional to block any remote access to the computer.  

The North Coventry Township Police Department is urging all residents to be careful with all purchases made online and for residents to research all companies prior to doing buisness with them.   

Monday, August 8, 2016 (All day)
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