Theft of wallet



On 06/10/2017, It was reported to NCPD that a wallet was lost or stolen from the area of Rita's Water Ice  501 W. Schuylkill Rd. earlier in the day.  The victim said that she set her wallet down on the bench next to her around 1215 hrs.  The victim said that she noticed her wallet was missing when she returned home at approximately 1400 hrs.  The victim said that she checked with Rita's and checked the area, but her wallet was not turned in or located.  The wallet was described as a "no brand name" large wallet, peach in color with two snaps.  It was reported that the wallet contained approximately 10 credit cards, but no cash.  On 6/26/17 the victim advised NCPD that on 6/25/17 that a purchase in Baltimore Maryland had been attempted on her stolen debit card.  Anyone with information in this matter is requested to contact NCPD.    Case remains open at this time.    

Saturday, June 10, 2017 (All day)

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