Intern Program

Intern Program:

The North Coventry Police Department offers a Law Enforcement Career Internship Program for individuals who are interested in pursuing a career in Law Enforcement. An intern works and interacts directly with all of the officers in the Department and is under constant supervision while participating in the program.

The Internship Program is designed to increase the skills and abilities of the intern to enhance the possibility of gaining employment in a wide range of positions within the Criminal Justice profession. Upon completion of the program, the intern will have participated in a variety of tasks, duties, and functions performed by police officers, from report writing, to shooting pistols, rifles, and shotguns at the police range. intern candidate must be enrolled in a college or university and have the recommendation of the department chairperson in the Criminal Justice program.

There are also several other requirements, such as a minimum grade point average, waiver of liability, and a brief background investigation, all of which must be met before an intern begins the Internship Program. 

For further information on the Law Enforcement Career Internship Program, please contact Chief Robert A. Schurr of the North Coventry Police Department at 610-323-8360.