Two vehicle crash

On 10/07/2018 at 1858 hours the North Coventry Twp. Police Department responded to the area of Route 422 west in the area of MM 171.0 on the report of a two vehicle crash.  Police were advised that one operator had reported being injured and that Goodwill Ambulance and the Norco Fire Company / Fire Police would be responding.  Upon arrival Police found one vehicle (Unit #2) in the area of MM 171.2, facing north against the guide rail.  Unit #2 operator, Joseph R. Langlois, of Collegeville, was standing outside of his vehicle and advised that he was not injured.  The second vehicle (Unit #1) was found to be in the area of MM 171.1, facing west on the right side of the construction mini-cades.  Unit #1 operator, Nicola C. Brown of Reading, was seating in her vehicle and advised that her neck hurt.  Unit #1 operator was then seen by Goodwill Ambulance staff.

In the area of the crash Route 422 west is under long term construction.  Route 422 west traffic is reduced to one lane, the left lane, just prior to entering the work zone.  There is advanced warnings prior to this work zone, including signs, and a lighted flashing arrow advising traffic to merge into the left lane.  Both Units were traveling west on Route 422.  Unit #1 was in the right lane and Unit #2 was in the left lane.  Unit #1 passed Unit #2 on the right side and merged into the left lane striking the passenger's front corner of Unit #2.  Unit #2 then turned right and came to rest facing north against the north side guide rail.  Opr. #1 advised of neck pain and was seen at the scene by Goodwill Ambulance staff.  Opr. #1 refused treatment and or transport to the hospital by Goodwill Ambulance at the scene.  No other injuries were reported at the time of the crash.  Unit #1 sustained functional rear driver's side damage and was driven from the scene.  Unit #2 sustained functional front passenger's side and functional front end damage and was driven from the scene.  Opr. #1 was cited for PMVC 3309(1) driving on roadways laned for traffic.  NFA.            

Incident Date: 
Sunday, October 7, 2018 - 6:58pm

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Route 422 west
MM 171.2
Pottstown, PA 19465