North Coventry Police were dispatched to a cardiac emergency involving a 23 year old male who was in cardiac arrest at the boat ramp located at Penn and Schuylkill Avenues. Upon arrival it was determined that the patient was located  west of the reported location along the Schuylkill River with no direct access.  Officers and Ambulance Crew members accessed the patient through overgrown brush along a trail.  The patient was determined to be under the influence of what is known as "WET" a combination of the drug PCP and Marijuana. Upon becoming ill after smoking the drug the patients' friends called 911 to report the emergency. The patient was removed from the scene by boat. Assisting at the scene were Goodwill Ambulance, North Coventry Fire Company and Pottstown Fire Department. The patient was transported to Pottstown Memorial Medical Center for treatment.

Incident Date: 
Wednesday, June 22, 2016 - 5:06pm


Schuylkill River
Pottstown, PA 19465