Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Parking Tickets are necessary to encourage compliance with local ordinances. Certain areas, have parking restrictions such as 15 minutes to 2 hours. Meters must be used Monday through Saturday 8am-8pm. You can pay parking tickets directly at the Borough Hall, by mail, or by clicking here. Most parking tickets are $15.00 unless you happen to park illegally in a handicap parking space. If you do not pay your parking ticket within the requested time frame(10 days), late fees accrue which will increase the amount of your ticket. If still not paid, a citation will be issued. If you were issued a parking ticket and wish to dispute it, you must request a hearing before the district justice. 

  • Parking on private property is prohibited – generally the owner of the property or business will call us and request the cars be ticketed. 
  • When parking your vehicle, the vehicle must be facing the same as traffic flow. If you park your car facing oncoming traffic, you will receive a ticket. 
  • Parking in a handicap space – you must have either a license plate with a handicap designation or a placard on your rearview mirror.
  • No, the police officer cannot see it on your floor, on your seat, or in your glove compartment. 

Citations – Traffic and Non-Traffic MUST be paid at District Court 15-3-05 located at 305 South Third Street Oxford Borough, Chester County, Pennsylvania 19363 (610)-455-1160