Body Worn Cameras

Chief Brian Sheller announces the implementation of Body Worn Cameras for all uniformed personnel. These cameras will be utilized for police/public interactions moving forward. The police administration has implemented this technology to enhance our professional policing efforts and to increase transparency throughout all levels of our public interactions. Studies have shown that Body Worn Cameras (BWC’s) improve the behaviors of the public and the professionalism of police officers.

Points of interest include-

BWC’s improve the quality of evidence in criminal investigations/arrests, thus making prosecutions stronger.

BWC’s can improve the quality of reports.

BWC’s can lead to faster and more accurate resolution of public/citizen’s complaints.

BWC’s offer additional accountability measures to legitimate policing efforts in our community.

BWC’s offer a platform to review police skills from recordings and identify training opportunities previously non-existent.

The officers and police administration have collaborated for two years to secure funding assistance, to research policies, procedures and the technology consistent with implementing Body Worn Cameras for today’s policing demands. We’re very pleased to implement this technology for the citizens of those communities we serve.

Thanks to Mayor John P. Hagan II and the borough’s elected officials for supporting the police in this groundbreaking advancement.          

 BWC Public Announcement 2021