Body Worn Cameras - Update

The Parkesburg Police are moving closer to their planned implementation of Body Worn Cameras on patrol.  After securing a matching-funds grant through the Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency, the police have moved forward with adopting policies and procedures that outline the technology's lawful use.  Chief Sheller solicited support and input throughout the community for the program's development of policies/procedures and future roll-out.  Members from local government, clergy, civic organizations, the business community and county's criminal justice system have all participate in the development of Parkesburg's program.  Testing of different BWC systems is under review.    

Chief Sheller believes that Body Worn Cameras will improve public safety, provide valuable court evidence, improve officer safety and enhance the transparency of police-public interactions.  Prior to their deployment all officers will receive advanced training in the use of Body Worn Cameras including current local, state and federal laws pertaining to their use by police.  A Fall-2019 roll-out is anticipated.