Business & Resident Camera Registration Form

The Parkesburg Police have added a crimefighting tool for residents and business owners to further partner with the police, by providing video images from their home/business video security/monitoring systems.  If registered, police investigators would have the ability to contact a resident/business and request images captured by their video system, which may aid in identifying criminal activity/suspects. 

**Recently, police obtained home security images from a day-time burglary victim, which helped identify the suspect within minutes of the crime.  The accused is in custody and awaiting court proceedings**        

Please access "FORMS" on our CRIMEWATCH face page and complete the voluntary resident/business registration form to participate.  This valuable information/tool will assist the police in our mission and provide a pathway for critical information currently unknown.  Please consider this very important partnership.  If you have any questions, please contact 610-857-3535.

Thank you.