Ordinance Violations

A brief reminder that local ordinances are enforced by the police department and other local authorities responsible for codes enforcement, property maintenance regulations and violations concerning snow removal.  Police will monitor on-street parking and may issue parking tickets for any observed, or reported violations.  Parking violation fines are $25.00, or $50.00 for handicapped parking space violations.  Borough Ordinance #508 specifically defines parking violations and snow emergency regulations for the Borough of Parkesburg. 

Ord. 508 also states that sports equipment shall not be placed on any roadway.  Narrow streets, on-street parking and traffic flows create an unsafe environment for sports activities in the street.  In addition, snow plowing operations cannot properly plow when unattended sports equipment is cluttering roadways.  Portable basketball nets, street-hockey nets and similar equipment has damaged plow equipment and caused damage to parked vehicles. 

Utility trailers, house trailers, camper-trailers, boat trailers, tractor-trailers, or any vehicle with a registered gross weight over 17,000 pounds is NOT permitted to park on any public street, or in any borough-owned parking lot.  If you have questions please contact the police administrative office for assistance.  (610) 857-3535, M-F, 0800-1600, local time.

Designated Snow Emergency Routes:  First Avenue, Main Street, West Bridge Street, West Fifth Avenue, South Gay Street, Strasburg Avenue, North Culvert Street, Washington Avenue, Green Street and Chapel Avenue.  No person shall throw, shovel, cast or otherwise place, pile, deposit or dump snow, or ice from sidewalks, walkways, or driveways on to any street in the Borough of Parkesburg.