The police have investigated a number of incidents where residents are falling victim to financial phone SCAMS.  These incidents have involved hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars, even as both national and local media outlets extensively report these types of scams.  Residents are reminded that unsolicited phone calls involving threats of prosecution by the IRS, Social Security, or other government agencies are SCAMS!  Do not, under any circumstances, provide any personal information, banking information, or any sensitive information about you, or a family member, to anyone calling you on the phone.  These are deceptive predators who are out to steal your money.  There are NO legitimate reasons for any business to accept "gift-cards" for financial transactions.  If you suspect that you are being SCAMMED, you most likely are.  The internet is full of illegitimate, or fake businesses that have the appearance of being reputable, but they are not.  Most often, money lost through these elaborate scams is never recovered.      

Contact the police department for additional information.  Again, "gift-card" payments and threats of punishment = SCAM.