Police Receive Scam Voice Mail Message

Police remind everyone to screen their incoming phone calls for possible phone-scams.  Police have recently received bogus calls (recorded messages) threatening arrest if certain demands are not met.  Again, if the police are receiving these calls...so are you!  Do NOT give any personal information over the phone.  Do NOT divulge private information to anyone over the phone, unless you have initiated the call and you can verify the person you are speaking with. 

Kidnapping scams are on the rise.  A caller will make demands for money, saying they have kidnapped a grandchild, or child,....when no kidnapping has taken place.  Guard against putting too much personal information online.  Social apps may provide would-be scammers to know very detailed information about you...and then exploit that information to use against you.  Be smart!  Protect your personal information. 

Don't display your personal life online, for criminals to exploit.  Use all available security features to ensure your private information is private.  Again, if you suspect that you are being scammed...you probably are!