Vehicle Equipment Reminder

Greetings Motoring Public...!

     Spring has sprung.... and the police would like to remind motorists of a few regulations to make life "less complicated."  The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania has regulated that all studded tires (tires with ice-gripping studs embedded in the tread) must be removed from the roadway by April 15th of each year.  Use of studded tires is only permitted between November 1st and April 15h.  Vehicles operating with studded tires after April 15th and before November 1st are subject to fines and penalties. 

Reminder!.... Windshield Wipers ON, Headlights must also be ON...!  Do not trust that automatic lights adjust to this requirement during day-time lighting.  It is not a defense for a that lights were set to automatic.  TURN your lights ON if your wipers are in use during inclement weather conditions.

Police have scheduled speed enforcement details on area roadways after complaints were received about aggressive driving.  Speed advisory signs will be placed along area roadways, flashing the speed of passing vehicles.  Please slow down and don't drive distracted.