The Tredyffrin Township Police Department is reporting 43 incidents involving approximately 61 thefts or attempted thefts from motor vehicles within the last 8 weeks. 10 reports were on Thursday into Friday morning on 4/28/17 and were in the Valley Forges Estates section of Wayne that borders Valley Forge National Park.  4 events occurred Thursday into Friday morning, 3/17/2017 in the Strafford section of the Township. 2 occurrences were in the Berwyn section of the Township, Saturday night into Sunday morning on 4/1/2017. 3 events were reported on Thomas Rd., Friday into Saturday morning on 4/7/2017. 1 event was reported in the VF Estates section on Gen. Scott Rd. on Sunday into Monday morning on 5/1/2017 with 2 more on Prussian lane , Tuesday into Wednesday morning on 5/3/2017. Three reports were taken on Coldstream Drive on Friday into Saturday am on 5/13/2017.  Sixteen events were reported Friday into Saturday morning on 5/20/2017, all in the Valley Forges Estates section of the Twp. on Von Steuben, Prussian, Anthony Wayne, Thomas, Brookmead and Sullivan Rds.


Only 2 of the 61 vehicles entered were locked and entered by force. A total direct loss, not including damage sustained to the 2 broken windows was noted at approx. $ 2,500. 1 Burglary occurred wherein three motor vehicles were entered on a property to include one unlocked vehicle in an open garage. Change that was in view was the common denominator in most of the thefts. On a few occasions, sunglasses, brief cases , checkbooks and wallets were stolen.


Suspects are being investigated in the crimes with connections to the Philadelphia metro area. Those who wish to have a physical security assessment done of the home are invited to contact the Community Policing Unit, Officer Joseph Butler at 610-644-3221.


We are advocating the public to use vigilance in the securing of their vehicles and the removal of items of apparent value to areas not in view inside their vehicles (i.e. trunks, in the home). The use of exterior lighting to include photo-celled motion sensor units is encouraged.


Anyone with information that can assist the Department is asked to contact D/Sgt. Todd Bereda or Det. Daniel McFadden via or

Tuesday, May 23, 2017