Chief's Message

Greetings and welcome to our new “Crime Watch” site.

In the field of law enforcement, recognizing crime trends and developing plans for immediate action are critical steps in successfully resolving criminal matters. Crime statistics are commonly based on a number of factors or variables that influence these trends. Global and national events can have profound effects on our local community and crime here in Tredyffrin. Thus, initiatives such as Crime Watch, aid us in not only communicating to our community but also work in partnership with other jurisdictions in spotting crime events that commonly span several jurisdictions if not other states.

Sadly by way of example, in 2012 we as a nation experienced yet another school tragedy at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in New England.  We again saw the nation adjusting to these senseless killings by putting in place new protocols and plans of action.  Meanwhile, in Tredyffrin, the police department had such school response action plans in place for well over a decade. We have continued to make school safety enhancement programs a priority as well as other changes to our means of policing; but what remains constant year after year are the excellent service, dedication, caring and professionalism of our police department.  Utilizing this “Crime Watch” program, we are one of the first police departments in our area to utilize this information portal.

We are committed to continue serving and protecting the residents of Tredyffrin in a variety of ways. We are fortunate to have an extremely supportive community, as well as excellent working relationships with our township board, staff, school district, surrounding police and fire departments.

In 2016, we will continue a number of community-based programs designed to build upon these community partnerships. Programs such as the police learning series, summer youth programs, school presentations, anti-drug initiatives, and an enhanced Citizens Police Academy are scheduled for 2016. We pledge to continue to improve our outstanding service to the citizens of Tredyffrin.

We welcome community input and invite you all to join our Tredyffrin Community and Police Association (TCPA).


Anthony Giaimo
Superintendent of Police