Special Operations

Special Operations and Emergency Preparedness

The Tredyffrin Township Police Department is responsible for responding to and successfully resolving high-risk police incidents that require the use of specialized equipment and the implementation of specialized police tactical training.  For example, the team practices entering dangerous buildings, high-risk arrests, barricaded subjects, and hostage negotiations. 

The Tredyffrin Police Department participates in a Multi-Jurisdictional High Risk Incident Team those partners with nine other local municipalities to bring specially trained officers to any incident that is considered high risk to our citizens or officers. Township residents should feel very safe and confident that the Police are ready and able to respond to and handle emergency situations.
In 2013, Superintendent Giaimo was named as the Emergency Management Coordinator for the township. The police department maintains an Emergency Operations center, in close partnership with the Chester County Emergency Operations Center, to respond to a variety of emergency needs including the recent weather related crisis situations.