Counterfeit Currency



WEGO PD is investigating the passing of counterfeit currency at two different locations. The first is CVS located at 1200 Wilmington Pike in Thornbury Township Chester County and the
second at Walgreen’s, located at 10 E. Street Road in Thornbury Township Chester County. The below-pictured male used five (5) counterfeit $20.00 notes to purchase a $100 Visa gift card at CVS. The male is then seen walking to Walgreen’s where he purchased a $200 Visa gift card with what is expected to be counterfeit currency. It is believed the pictured vehicle could be involved. Anyone with information that could lead to the identification of this subject or the vehicle, please contact Det. David Hale 610-692-9600.

Friday, November 12, 2021 - 4:30pm

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