Social Services

Pennsylvania Office of Victims' Services

Pennsylvania Crime Victims Compensation Assistance Program
If a crime victim incurs expenses as a result of a crime, the Victims Compensation Assistance Program (VCAP) may reimburse for medical expenses, counseling, loss of earnings, loss of support, funeral costs, travel costs, childcare, stolen cash, relocation and other costs. On average, the Victims Compensation Assistance Program receives over 8,600 new claims and pays an average $13 million per year on behalf of crime victims.

Chester County Children Youth & Families
The care of dependent and/or neglected children is a shared responsibility. The family is seen as the primary source for the care and nurturing of children by providing for the physical, emotional, and economic support needed. This agency intervenes to provide those services which cannot be provided by families, neighbors, friends, and the community.

Department of Aging Services
The mission of the Chester County Department of Aging Services is to provide home and community based protection, advocacy, and information and assistance services to people aged 60 and over and their families so they can have choices about how they want to live with dignity and respect, lead independent and active lives, and be free from abuse and neglect.

Drug & Alcohol Services
Information & Referral 1-866-286-3767 All calls are confidential Professionally trained staff are available M-F 8:30am-4:30pm

Mental Health and Intellectual Disabilities
The Department administers three programs: Early Intervention services for children age 0-3 with developmental delays. Service Coordinators work with families to explain services, arrange for children to be screened, and set up services for eligible children. They monitor services and provide information about other community resources. Services are available at no charge to the family. Mental Health services for persons in mental health recovery. The MH Program contracts with 6 Core Provider agencies throughout the county that are points of entry for services. The Core Providers arrange mental health assessments and services. They also help with insurance applications and finding other community resources. Intellectual Disability services for persons diagnosed with intellectual disability. The ID Program contracts with local and regional agencies to provide most services. Supports Coordinators work with individuals and families (at no charge) to identify needs and appropriate services within funding limits.