Assassin game returns

It's that time of year! The weather is getting nicer and our High School Seniors are chasing each other around the townships with water guns.

Yes, that's right - it seems the annual tradition of the "Assassin" game is continuing again this year.

In case you weren't familiar, the game involves students "stalking" and "shooting" each other with water guns in an attempt to be the last Senior standing.  Think of "Hide & Seek" with Super Soakers!

Because the game involves a certain degree of hiding & sneaking around to surprise other players, every year we inevitably get calls reporting suspicious subjects that turn out to be students playing the game. Though we don't condone the game, we do strive to keep the public informed.   

For the students, the safest thing is not to play.  We know it's a game to you, but you have to consider it may not appear that way to the public.  If you're going to play, here are a couple reminders. 

We ask that you don't trespass onto or into other people's property while playing (especially at night) and, if you're asked to leave, do so.

Use water pistols that are brightly colored and are clearly toys.  Hiding in dark places and carrying anything that can be mistaken for a firearm is a recipe for disaster.  The same goes for wearing masks, camouflage, etc. 

If you see the police coming, Don't run or hide. Just explain to the Officers what you are doing and cooperate if they ask you to stop.

To our Residents: as always, if you see something or someone suspicious, please don't confront anyone yourself. Call 911 and we will check it out!