Oh deer, It's that time of year!

As the weather gets cooler and the days gets shorter in the West Chester area residents and commuters will see an increase in deer sightings along the roadways. The shorter days will result in rush hour traffic during the time of increased deer movement which typically happens around sunrise and sunset. In early October, female deer will often separate from their offspring which will drive these young deer into new areas. A spike in vehicle collisions with deer will occur in the first weeks of October. Additionally, vehicle collisions with deer will peak in the first few weeks of November as this time is traditionally the breeding season for deer.

A few friendly reminders when involved in a vehicle collision with deer:

  • Scan the road and shoulders ahead of you
  • Use high beam headlights if there’s no oncoming traffic
  • If a collision is unavoidable, apply breaks firmly and remain in your lane
  • Be cautious at dawn and dusk
  • Attempt to remove your vehicle onto the shoulder of the roadway or a safe location and call 911
  • Be cautious of multiple deer crossing at once