Raccoons and You

This year the Westtown-East Goshen Regional Police Department has received a number of raccoon related complaints. It is a common misconception that seeing a raccoon during the day is a sign that it is ill or a public safety hazard. Raccoons are typically nocturnal, but have a number a reasons why they could be spotted during daylight hours, especially during the early months of the year when days are getting longer. Raccoons do not recognize daylight saving time.  

Reasons why we can see raccoons during the day:

-Searching for food or drink. This is especially true for female raccoons with young and are in need of additional nourishment. Female raccoons have babies in the spring and summer months.

-Spooked out of their regular sleeping spot.

-Competition with other animals, such as deer or foxes.

Abnormal signs:

-If the raccoon has a difficult time keeping balance or appears lethargic.

-Lacking a genuine fear of humans.

-Appearing mangy and missing fur.


-Keep trash bagged and in trash cans.

-If possible, keep trash cans inside garages.

-Keep in mind things such as bird feeders or food deliveries could attract raccoons.

Again, simply seeing a raccoon during the day is not, in of itself, a sign the animal is sick. If you see a raccoon regardless of the time of day with the above signs contact the PA game commission or the police department.

PA Game Commission 610-926-3136