Starting on March 15, 2019, the Westtown-East Goshen Regional Police Department will begin a pilot program to encourage our citizens to sign up for ReadyChesco so that they will be prepared in the event that our area experiences a disaster or major incident.  This pilot program will last for approximately 4-6 weeks.

The police department will implement this program by distributing literature to each citizen that they come into contact with during each shift.  Obviously, the officers will not force anyone to take the literature or to sign up for participation in the program.  But, the officer will definitely make an effort to convince each citizen on why it is in their best interest to participate in ReadyChesco.


  1. With the busy lives that everyone lives, no one has the time or the energy to think about an emergency – until it happens.  Then, the stress of the situation is compounded because they don’t know what is happening, what they should do to protect themselves or their families, and they have no idea where to turn to get current and/or accurate information.  That is the whole purpose behind ReadyChesco.  Once they sign up, they will never have to give it a second thought because information is automatically disseminated to them in a format that they choose.

2.   Here are some key components of the system:

  • Citizens choose how they receive information (email, cell phone, home phone)
  • Citizens choose what areas they receive information about (where they work, live, areas frequently visited)
  • Citizens choose what types of information they want to receive (County-wide alerts, road closures, weather emergencies, etc.)
  • If a citizen does not want to receive some types of information during the overnight hours, they can establish a “do not disturb” time frame

The Westtown-East Goshen Regional Police Department takes its role in emergency preparedness very seriously.  After the Bellingham incident occurred, our police department was inundated with telephone calls from residents requesting an update on the incident and the requests quickly overwhelmed our ability to respond.  That experience taught us that communication with the public in a true emergency situation must occur through a single source. Simply put, if we have a major incident we will not have the time or manpower to communicate via our officers, our Facebook page, CRIMEWATCH, etc.  We will simply post a note on all other sources telling them to visit the ReadyChesco site for further information.

We want to get our citizens prepared and ready for a major incident NOW so that we can focus all of our resources on responding to the incident or disaster.  

Please help make this pilot program a success – you and your family deserve to be prepared for an emergency and ReadyChesco is the method to accomplish that.