Scams Against the Elderly

On Friday, March 23, 2018 an 87 year old female resident of East Goshen Township reported that she had been scammed out of $1,500.00 after receiving a phone call from a male whom identified himself as being her grandson, that he had been involved in an accident and was being held on $1,500.00 bail. The female was instructed to make phone contact with another male and obtain instructions on how to go about posting the bail. The female made contact with another male and was advised to go to a local store and purchase (3) Google Play gift cards for $500.00 each. The female went to a local grocery store where she purchased the (3) Google Play gift cards. The female called the male back and provided him with the gift card numbers. Shortly after doing so, the female ended up speaking with several family members and learned that her grandson had not been involved in an accident and was not in custody. 

The police department wants to remind everyone of this ongoing scam. Anyone receiving these types of calls should end the phone call and immediately contact family members to check on their loved ones well being.