Suspicious Activity - Possible Attempted Luring of a Child into a Motor Vehicle



On 09 January 2020 the West Chester Police received a report of an attempted luring of children into a motor vehicle.  At approximately 5:20 pm two children aged 12 and 14 were playing in Hoopes Park (700 Hoopes Park Lane).  The children reported that a white sport utility vehicle entered the lot at a high rate of speed and parked near the boys who were playing on park equipment. The lone male operator of the vehicle, who was unknown to the children, opened the driver's side door and asked the children to get in the car.  The male never exited the vehicle and the children did not approach the vehicle. The children fled the area, returning home and reporting the incident to their parents. The vehicle also left the area onto Ashbridge Street in an unknown direction.   

The vehicle was described as a white Ford Explorer, with no distinguishing characteristics.  The description provided was consistent with a 5th generation Ford Explorer (model years 2011-2019).  No description of the male operator could be provided, only that he had a 'raspy' voice.  

This matter is under investigation. Anyone with information is asked to call the West Chester Police. Anyone who witnesses any suspicious activity is encouraged to contact the West Chester Police.

Saturday, January 9, 2021 - 5:15pm

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