Thefts from Vehicles



Between June 24, 2019 and the morning of June 25, 2019, 12 vehicles in the south - south east portion of the Borough were entered and had items stolen from them.  Camera footage from one of these incidents shows 4 males rummaging through multiple vehicles in the area of 500 S High St.  All of the vehicles that the males entered were left unsecured. 

If anyone has any information on these individuals, or camera footage of the actor(s) in the area, please contact the West Chester Police Department and Officer Graham at 610-696-2700 or

The West Chester Police Department would like to remind residents that thefts are often committed by criminals by simply trying door handles hoping for unlocked vehicles. It is a common problem that can be prevented by locking your vehicle.  Never leave valuables in your vehicle, but if you must, lock them up and keep them out of sight.  The vast majority of theft reports from vehicles are from vehicles that have been left unsecured.

Tuesday, June 25, 2019
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