The eastbound Route 30 By-Pass is now open.

2020-09-10 @ 17:45

The eastbound Route 30 By-Pass remains closed at Route 100. Please find alternate routes. If on the eastbound Route 30 By-Pass consider exiting at Route 322 or Quarry Road due to the back up at Route 100.

2020-09-10 @ 16:25

The eastbound Route 30 By-Pass remains closed at Route 100. Due to the closure, avoid Route 100 between Route 202 and Business Route 30. Route 100 is at a standstill.

2020-09-10 15:45

The eastbound Route 30 By-Pass is closed at Route 100. Please avoid the area.

2020-09-10 @ 15:15

East Swedesford Road is temporarily closed between North Ship Road and Valley Creek Boulevard due to a downed tree.

On the evening of Saturday, August 29, 2020, Sgt. McCloskey's squad responded to a residence in West Whiteland Township. The resident reported she could not enter her residence because there were thirty "Murder Hornets" inside. Ofc. D'Andrea entered the residence and borrowed the homeowners vacuum. He was able to vacuum up all of the hornets.
The hornets were secured at the police department until a local bee expert identified them as European Hornets.

Due to a fire incident, avoid Commerce Drive as it is closed between South Whitford Road and Indian Run Street. Also, avoid South Whitford Road due to traffic congestion.

Recently, the West Whiteland Township Police Department has received complaints regarding solicitors in the developments and neighborhoods.  The township suspended soliciting at start of the pandemic . Although the county entered the “green” phase at the end of June, the township is still maintaining the suspension of solicitation.  There is currently no date to resume the issuance of permits or allowing current solicitors to go door-to-door.

Thanks to Rite Aid, we have a new drug disposal box in our lobby. This box will can hold more than our previous drug disposal box.

Each month we empty the contents of the box. The contents are then turned over to the District Attorney's for disposal. All of the collected medication collected in the county is turned over to the National Guard who properly destroys the medication.


HARRISBURG, PA - Landowners who post their properties now have the option of using purple paint rather than signs to alert others that lands are private and trespassing isn’t permitted.

House Bill 1772, which was signed into law by Gov. Tom Wolf in November, and took effect this week.

The bill adds language to the section of state law dealing with criminal trespass.