Sergeant Coverly's letter to the men and women of the OPD

To the men and women of the Oxford Borough Police Department,

It is with great privilege to serve this organization and community as the Police Sergeant for the Borough of Oxford. I would like to thank each of you for your support and being part of this new era incumbent upon us. I look forward to collaborating with each of you as we transition with encouragement of leadership, more specialized training, community partnerships, collaborative law enforcement networking, and enhanced continuity to our daily police operations.

Most you know it has been my lifetime goal to serve as a police detective. It has been a honor to serve in that position this past year. However, throughout the supervisory studying process; my focus changed to become a leader & mentor for our police organization, so that the future of our department is equipped to provide excellence in public safety and crime prevention.

Service is something all law enforcement officers know they professionally provide to the communities in which they serve. This community service is necessary from the most visible form of government representation—but there must be internal service to complete the concept.

Three areas of focus in my police career will continue to be my mission as your police sergeant. I will always have a primary focus that encourages community policing as the forefront to prevent crime. Secondly, when crime does occur, it is imperative that criminal cases are investigated with due diligence to ensure justice is served for all victims. And third, to uphold and defend the laws and ordinances of Oxford Borough, of the Commonwealth, and of the United States.

It is with great pride for our police organization, but equally humble to serve our community; that I except the position of Police Sergeant.

With appreciation,

Sergeant Christopherjohn A. Coverly, Badge 0051