Public Service Announcement - Smart 911

At a recent Community Advisory Board* (see description below) meeting hosted by the Southern Chester County Regional Police Department, it was brought to our attention that we could be doing more as a police agency to be more knowledgeable about the residents we serve with special needs or circumstances.

As a result of that suggestion, we have recently added a quick link to the “Smart911” program on the SCCRPD website under the “Safety Tips” section.  This website is a great way for 911 call takers to instantly obtain any pertinent information about the caller, or the callers’ residence, just by the phone number that is dialing 911.  We encourage everyone to take a look at the video and information about the program, which can be found on the website, and take the time to register their family.  The information provided on this website can be vital when time is of the essence.

In a high-stress situation, people have a tendency to forget information that could greatly change the outcome of a situation.  This voluntary feature allows you to enter information about the members of your house, such as special needs, medical problems, pets, or any other special situations that could assist first responders when responding to an emergency.  In addition, this program allows you to enter the types of vehicles that should be on location, the amount of people that live in your house, and other important information in regards to your house.

*Community Advisory Board (CAB) is comprised of citizens from the partnered and nearby communities.  Initiated by the Southern Chester County Regional PD (SCCRPD), to establish a better path of communication and relationship between the citizens of SCCRPD’s jurisdictions and their police department.  This better path of communication allows the citizens to explain areas of concern, and/or suggestions, to which the SCCRPD may be able to address.  The better path of communication goes both ways.  It also allows SCCRPD being able to provide a clear explanation to the CAB of the activities and duties performed by SCCRPD.  The CAB meets with representatives of SCCRPD on a monthly/every 2 months basis.

For more information on joining the CAB, or any other community concerns, please contact Community Relations Officer Stephen Syska at or 610-268-2907 x 128.

smart 911