Chief's Message

As the lead law enforcement officer for the community, I feel it’s important to share my professional philosophy and the police department’s values.  The police department is a vital component to every community.  My primary goal is to provide a professional and accessible public safety service for the communities we serve.  To that end, our dedication to the ideals below will enhance the quality of life for everyone---We consider it an honor to serve our customers. 

Professional Policing Philosophy

Value-based Policing: 

I believe it’s imperative that every professional organization identify and define its core values.  Our values serve as a daily compass; they aid and direct us in all that we do.  The Southern Chester County Regional Police Department has four core values; they are: Human Life, Justice, Integrity and Duty


On the whole, police officers are generally helpful, serious-minded and responsible citizens.  Accordingly, the police department accepts ownership to the obstacles and challenges we face.  We are dedicated to finding solutions, which lead to effective problem-solving.  In an ideal world, a proactive posture is preferred; getting in front of problems before they become unmanageable and deteriorate our community’s quality of life.    


Effective communication is fundamental and it all starts with listening.  We strongly encourage open and clear communications.  The police department and its employees are accessible; you will find our contact information throughout our website.  The Chief of Police has an open-door policy; please use his email or call the office at 610-268-2907, extension 105 to schedule a meeting.               


Every law enforcement organization in the nation has limitations.  We believe that when it is possible the best and most successful solutions are found when we partner with our residents, our law enforcement colleagues and community support groups. 

Undeniably, there are more ideals that contribute to our mission at providing a professionally managed police organization.  It’s my hope that as we go about providing our service we earn your respect, but more importantly your trust. 

Chief Gerald Simpson