Chief's Message

Welcome to the Parkesburg Borough Police Department’s web presence. I encourage you to visit this site regularly and responsibly to stay connected with our public safety information and posts. I believe that sharing this information with you, the public, will build a stronger relationship and a safer community for everyone.

We insist that you use this information responsibly. Do not attempt to confront, harass or apprehend anyone. If you have something constructive and public safety minded to share, please use the provided technology. It is safe, secure and convenient. You can easily share information with authorities, knowing that you are free from intimidation, or harassment. Everyone within our community is responsible for keeping their community safe, promoting individual responsibility and partnering with us to actively thwart criminal activity.

As always, if you have questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact our agency.  We stand ready to help, aid or assist you.


Chief Brian C. Sheller

proudly serving Parkesburg since 1988