A friendly reminder....SLOW DOWN!

Hello motoring public!  Now that cabin fever is in full effect and we're slowly getting back on the roads...please monitor your speedometer to ensure it is working properly.  Remember??...It's that big gauge on your instrument display that measures the instantaneous speed of your vehicle.  

With limited exception, the posted speed limit in Parkesburg is 25 mph on all state and local roadways...except where 35 mph signs have been posted. Highland Township is also posted with various speed limits ranging between 25 and 55 mph, so pay close attention and obey those rascals too.

The residents of both Parkesburg and Highland thank you for paying extra attention to this remarkable engineering marvel, the speedometer. If current worldly events have provided you with the false sense of invincibility, or a persona non grata from police enforcement, you may have an enlightening traffic safety experience in your future....

Stay safe and healthy out there...and monitor your speed, please!