Move Over Laws are DEAD serious !

Distracted Driving is a problem! First responders, Tow truck operators and Roadway workers are being run-over and killed by impaired and distracted drivers. Chief Sheller has received information from the PA Chiefs' Association and would like to share this information with all of you. Please read-

- received:

A message from Todd A. Leiss, Traffic Incident Management Coordinator | Traffic Operations & Engineering  Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission.

On  Saturday, July 31, 2021, Pennsylvania Firefighter Tom Royds of the Lower Merion Fire Department was laid to rest; as you know, Firefighter Royds was struck & killed by an intoxicated driver, July 24, 2021, while operating on I-76 (Schuylkill Expressway). Two other firefighters and a Pennsylvania State Police Trooper were injured and they have all since been discharged from the hospital.

Firefighter Royds was the 34th United States Emergency Responder to be struck & killed in 2021.  In the six days that have passed since his tragic death, three additional United States Emergency Responders have been struck & killed bringing the total to 37, this includes 18 law enforcement officers, 13 tow truck operators, 4 fire personnel, and two safety service patrol operators. 1 responder struck & killed in less than every six days, this depresses me, this aggravates me and this makes me angry.

We have been spreading and will continue to share the Move Over message but we also need to spread the message to NOT be a “D” Driver, “D” drivers are those that are drunk, drugged, drowsy, distracted, disturbed, disengaged, dangerous and frankly just plain dumb.

I can improve my driving behavior and I am asking all of you, to challenge you to change your driving behavior as well AND to be the voice of change to get others to understand that we need drivers, all drivers to just DRIVE.

There are several great resources on distracted driving, please try and share them with friends, family, others, share it by email, share it by social media and help spread the message.