Gift card fraud continues - do not become a victim

The gift card scam continues and unfortunately the West Whiteland Township Police Department receives complaints from victims almost every day.  Please remember that a business, company, or government agency will not ask (or demand) that you pay a debt through gift cards.  Please do not purchase gift cards at the store and provide the information to these criminals.  This is a common scam and involves the criminal using such tactics as telling you that the gift cards are needed to repair a computer/phone, pay a fine/warrant, settle tax issues, or to prevent personal photographs or information from being released to the public.  The scam is as limitless as the imagination of the criminals.

The West Whiteland Township Police Department also sincerely thanks those businesses in the township who have recognized potential victims due to the attempted large purchase of gift cards and stopped these victims from completing the sale. 

The following articles provide additional information:

Gift card fraud continues - be smart and do not be a victim