Neighbors App


Our police department is excited to be joining the Neighbors by Ring app in efforts to reduce crime in our Community. We will use this app alongside our Crimewatch and will allow the Kennett Square Police to inform the community of real-time crime and safety events so you can always stay informed. The Neighbors by Ring App also allows you, the user, to see something share something directly with Kennett Square Police. You do not need Ring devices to participate, anyone with any camera system can upload content to the Neighbors App and anyone with an interest in public safety can use the Neighbors App! We are encouraging each and every one of you to spread the word out to the community about the Neighbors App. To download please text "jointoday" to 555888. Remember if you see something share something and report it to the Kennett Square Police dispatch at 610-268-3171 or police administration at 610-444-0501.

PDF icon Fact Sheet Neighbors AppPDF icon Fact Sheet Neighbor's for Public Safety Service