Are you eligible for discounted parking rates?

The Borough of Kennett Square has started a one year pilot program providing a 20% discount in parking rates, in the parking garage, for residents, business owners and employees of State Street, between Willow Street and Center Street. This has been put into motion to encourage utilization of our safe, beautiful Borough Parking Garage, located at 100 E. Linden Street, and provide parking relief for State Street. Stop in today to purchase your garage permit at a discounted rate if you are located in the previously stated areas on State Street. The current garage permit pricing is $75 for a monthly permit and $800 for the annual permit.  For all those who fall within the proposed discounted area the discounted rate will be adjusted to $60 per monthly permit and $640 per annual permit. 

Anyone interested in applying for the discounted permit is asked to complete the form and submit to the Police Department.  The forms can be returned in person to 115 N. Broad Street Kennett Square or sent by email to Tricia Jones  Applicants are asked to list their address and clarify if this is a residential or business address.  For residential we would require some type of address confirmation (utility bill, rental agreement, etc.).  If a business, we would further ask for a point of contact at the business (owner or manager), should the need arise to verify employment.