The Kennett Square Police Department have implemented a new nonlethal, de-escalation device call the BolaWrap.  The BolaWrap is a unique device that has the ability to detain a person, without harm, who is a threat to themselves, officers, or the community.  

The Kennett Square Borough Police Department is proud to be the first police department in Chester County to utilize a remote restraint device like the BolaWrap.  On any given day, officers encounter people who are experiencing a mental health crisis, under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or non-compliant to the point of creating a dangerous environment.  The BolaWrap device will allow officers to temporarily detain an individual, if deemed necessary, while working to de-escalate the situation.    

The BolaWrap has a bright yellow case and is specifically designed NOT to resemble a firearm!

The BolaWrap deploys an 8ft Kevlar cord designed to entangle an individual, restricting the movement of the hands, arms and or legs. The Kevlar cord has a four pronged hook attached to each end to secure the cord after deployment.

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