Driver Rescued From Submerged Vehicle After Accident

On November 15, 2021 at approximately 9:51 am Chester County Police Radio dispatched Kennett Township to an accident along the 700 block of W. Cypress Street with a vehicle into the creek.  Due to the Municipal boundary between Kennett Township and Kennett Square Borough being at this location and the severity of the accident description, Kennett Square Police Officer Mark Todd responded.  Upon Officer Todd's arrival the vehicle was reported to be nearly fully submerged with only the rear of the vehicle still floating but rapidly sinking.  

Officer Todd quickly removed his police equipment and entered the water to locate the occupant of the vehicle.  Officer Todd reported that as he neared the vehicle the water was up over his chest level and he could no longer stand up.  Officer Todd could hear the occupant screaming for help and could see the occupant had retreated to the back of the vehicle as the interior was filling with water.  

Officer Todd was able to break the rear window of the vehicle with a tool he utilizes during Commercial Vehicle Inspections while in his assignment in the Traffic Safety and Motor Carrier Safety Division of the Kennett Square Police Department.  Officer Todd then physically pulled the occupant from the vehicle as the vehicle completely submerged into the creek.  Officer Todd brought the occupant to the edge of the creek where they were turned over to fire department personnel for evaluation and care.  

"This is a true example of heroism at work here in Kennett Square Borough to save another human life.  We could not be more proud of the selfless acts demonstrated by Officer Todd without consideration of his own safety or wellbeing. - Chief William T. Holdsworth" 

**Accident photographs courtesy of Ed Scoop Dougherty**