Trick or Treating

The Kennett Square Police Department would like to wish everyone a Safe and Happy Halloween.  Trick or Treating in Kennett Square Borough will be between the hours of 6:00 PM and 8:00 PM on Thursday October 31st.  The Kennett Square Police Department will have an increased patrol presence throughout the Borough as well as some crossing assistance for high volume locations along North and South Union Street.  We encourage our residents and visitors to take every precaution to have a fun and safe Halloween.  Below are some simple safety tips to think about when trick or treating.

NEVER Allow Children To Go Inside A Strangers Home Alone

Stay With A Group or Use The Buddy System

Always Check All of Your Children's Halloween Treats and Candy Before They Are Consumed

Turn on Safety Or Tracking Applications On Cellular Phones of Children 

Bring A First Aid Kit

Watch For Cars and Encourage Children to Pay Close Attention to Vehicular Traffic

Go To A Neighborhood That You Are Familiar With

Bring a Flash Light Or Reflectors To Remain Visible

Wear Something to Stick Out In The Crowd

Most Importantly -  If You SEE Something, SAY Something by calling 911 immediately.  Report any and all suspicious behavior or incidents.

Happy Halloween From the Kennett Square Police Department!