Crime Prevention

Safe Trade
Do you purchase goods from websites like craigslist or eBay? Conduct your in-person transactions safely at your local police station.

Internal Revenue Service - Consumer Information
The Internal Revenue Service has issued several recent consumer warnings on the fraudulent use of the IRS name or logo by scamster's trying to gain access to consumers??? Financial information in order to steal their identity and assets.

Federal Trade Commission Identity Theft
Identity Theft Information

Consumer Federation of America
Do you understand your telemarketing rights? How do you know if a telemarketing call is a scam? That friendly voice on the phone may belong to an honest person who is just trying to make a sale or a crook who wants to trick you out of your money. This guide from Consumer Federation of America provides basic information to help you know your telemarketing rights and recognize when a telemarketing call might be a scam.

Stop Bullying
A federal government website managed by the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services.

National Home Security Alliance
The National Home Security Alliance shares our dedication to protecting all citizens.
Guide to Starting and Growing a Neighborhood Watch