Dirt Bikes & ATVs

Over the past several weeks, the Westtown-East Goshen Regional Police has seen an increase in reports involving dirt bikes, four wheelers, and other ATVs, riding on private and/or Township property.  Please know that riding such vehicles on Westtown, East Goshen, or Thornbury Township property is prohibited.  The links below can direct you to your respective Township:

Westtown Township (§167-1)

East Goshen Township (§225-39)

Thornbury Township (§141-1A)

In addition to trespassing on private property, more often than not these ATVs are also driven on public roadways to gain access to where they wish to ride.  This is extremely dangerous for not only the ATVs but the motoring public as well.  Riding on public roadways can also result in Traffic Citations and potentially the ATV being towed.

While the Police Department does not condone trespassing, we still wish for you to get out there and enjoy your ATV.  Did you know that there are some PA State Forests with trails for ATVs?  You can also find websites with lists of other trails like RiderPlanet-USA.  Check online for other locations where you can legally ride.