Protect Yourself From COVID-19 Related Scams

Scammers have identified the public’s concern regarding the Coronavirus situation in the United States and are now using it as a means for scams and fraud. Follow the below tips to better protect yourself from falling victim to scams and fraud.

1. Be aware of charity scams - Only contribute to established organizations. Most organization's information can be verified by their online website.

2. Don't click on links in emails - Never click on links in emails from sources you don’t know, especially those that claim to be from Centers for Disease Control (CDC) or World Health Organization (WHO).

3. There currently is no cure or treatment - Be wary of offers for vaccines, pills, potions, lotions, or other products that claim to cure or treat Coronavirus (COVID-19).

4. Don't give out financial information - Don’t give your financial information or personal information to anyone you don’t know and don’t trust.

5. Resist pressure tactics - Don’t be pressured into making immediate financial decisions.

6. Know who you can trust - Consult with a trusted friend or family member before making a payment.

7. Report any incidents of scams or mail fraud - Report incidents to your local Police & the U.S. Postal Inspection Service at: