Is Your Dog In Your Car?

With summer now in full swing, the days have become longer and the temperatures have become hotter.  And with the increasing temperatures, the dangers of leaving your dog alone in your vehicle also increases.

“I’ll park in the shade.”
“I’ll crack the windows.”
“I’ll leave the air on.”
“I’m only going to be a few minutes.”
“It’s not that hot out.”

If you have to say any of those phrases, PLEASE, leave your dog at home.  Parking in the shade does little to lower your vehicle’s interior temperature and a study by the Journal of the Louisiana State Medical Society found that even cracking the windows would only reduce the interior temperature by 2°F over a 90 minute period.

Even when the outside temperature is 70°F, the interior temperature can often reach 100°F in a matter of 20 minutes.  The main danger for dogs in these situations is heatstroke and this can occur in only 15 minutes.  The first signs of heatstroke are restlessness and discomfort.

The members of the Westtown-East Goshen Regional Police Department wish for you and your pets to have a fun and healthy summer.  So again, please don’t leave your pets alone in your vehicle.

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