Citation & Fine Costs

Elements of Traffic Citation Fines and Costs:

Fines are either set by law or set by the district justice depending on the violation.Some fines increase as the violation does, such as speeding and overweight. The higher the speed or weight, the higher the fine. Most violations have a $25.00 fine. Fines can range from $1.00, upward into the thousands of dollars.

EMS - C Emergency Medical Services Act ($20.00)

MCARE - C Catastrophic Loss Benefits Continuation Fund ($30.00 to $150.00)

Costs - C Administrative costs of processing citation (varies by year)

JCP - C Judicial Computer Project ($22.00)

Most moving violations carry Department of Transportation administrative sanctions commonly known as "Points" assessed against a violator's license. Below is a partial list of the points that PENDOT assigns to a driver for convictions of various violations 

Violation Vehicle Code Section Points
Exceeding Maximum Speed Limits 3362  
6 to 8 MPH over   2
11 to 15 MPH over   3
8 to 25 MPH over   4
26 to 30 MPH over   5
31 MPH and above over   Dept. Hearing 5+
Driving too fast for conditions 3361 2
Failure to stop for school bus with flashing lights 3345 5
Following too closely 3310 3
Red light violation 3112 3
Stop sign or yield sign violation 3323 3
Passing in no passing zone 3307 3
Careless driving 3714 3


Pennsylvania's DUI laws are covered under section 3802 of the Vehicle Code.  Blood alcohol concentration cannot exceed 0.08% for persons 21 and over and 0.02% for persons under 21 years old.  You have agreed to take a blood, breath or urine test (officer's choice) by having a driver"s license.  Refusal to take the test will result in a 12-month suspension in addition to any potential penalties for a DUI arrest.  If convicted of DUI, you will serve at least 48 hours in jail for the first offense and longer durations for subsequent offenses. 

Speed Enforcement:

North Coventry Police Department uses several types of speed timing devices for speed enforcement.  Besides having the patrol cars speedometers certified for pacing a speeding vehicle, we have several devices which operate on the principle of distance divided by time equals average speed.  These measurements are made with Robic stopwatches, VASCAR, Tracker and ENRADD.  The VASCAR and Tracker also provide the officers with the ability to measure another vehicle's speed while the patrol car is moving. 

Occupant Protection:

Seat belts are required for all drivers and front seat passengers.  Children under the age of four years are required to be in a child safety seat of some type.  The style and orientation depend on the child.  Children under the age of one year and below 20 pounds must face rearward.  Children over one year and above 20 pounds may face forward.  Children over four years must use a booster seat to assist with adapting the seat belts to a child's smaller body up until the age of eight. Township residents can contact Detective Prouty for an appointment to review their safety seat installation.