Civilian Ride-a-Long

Civilian Ride-a-Long Program:

The Police Department has a Civilian Ride Along Program to educate people in the community in the many aspects of police work and to promote a positive relationship with the public. People interested in participating in the program must be at least 18 years old, or not less than 16 years old with written approval from a parent or guardian.

Ride Alongs are closely supervised by police officers who must strictly adhere to the guidelines of a written policy while the civilian rider is in their patrol car. Ride Alongs are only scheduled when several police officers are on duty, and officers with civilian riders are prohibited from responding to high-risk or dangerous calls when a civilian rider is present in the car.

For further information on the Civilian/Police Ride Along Program, please contact Chief C. Matthew Deichert of the North Coventry Police Department at 610-323-8360.