Information for Kids

Do you know what police officers do while on duty?  

If you said..... 

  • Take Reports
  • Investigate crimes
  • Make arrests
  • Write traffic tickets
  • Handle accidents and alarms

Then you would be right!  ...But the Officers of the North Coventry Police Department also do a lot more with the residents of our community.

Do you know?

NCPD Officers teach D.A.R.E. at the North Coventry Elementary School, West-Mont Christian Academy, and Coventry Christian School. Because of our presence at these schools, students have had an opportunity to get to know NCPD Officers as trusted friends who are ready to offer help whenever its needed.

NCPD Officers participate in the North Coventry Elementary Field Day as the coordinators of the Turbo Jay Event.

NCPD Officers visit classrooms to read favorite books to school students. NCPD Officers jump rope with school students as a part of the Jump Rope for Heart event. And sometimes, McGruff the Crime Prevention Dog is with NCPD Officers to meet the kids.

Outside of the classroom, NCPD Officers:

Provide tours of the Police Station to Cub Scout Packs and school classes.  During the tours, kids have a chance to see some of the equipment that the officers use while on duty, and many of the kids have their fingerprints and photographs taken.

Give North Coventry Township kids the chance to drive the North Coventry Police Department Soap Box Racer in the annual Soap Box Derby in Pottstown. And during Police Week at the Coventry Mall each year, the NCPD raffles off bicycles, helmets, and car seats.