Officer Josh Wuertz


Officer Wuertz served with honor and distinction for North Coventry Township Police Department from April 16, 1998 until January 19, 2008 where he succumbed to cancer at the University of Pennsylvania. Officer Wuertz had just turned 34 years of age on the 4th of January and is survived by his wife Shannen and daughter Lillyen. He was also the Assistant Fire Marshal in our Township and a longtime member of the Glenmoore Fire Company where he served in the rank of Assistant Chief.

Josh was a fun, loving, easy going person; qualities all of which he portrayed to the public during his daily interactions. Even after death, Josh is greatly loved and respected. I want to share with you a short story. Josh had several hearings scheduled throughout the beginning of the year, one of which were a gentlemen went to the courthouse only to find out that the officer who issued him his citation had passed due to cancer. This gentleman was found not guilty of course and had nothing but kind words to say of Josh and he wanted to donate the money he would have paid for the citation/court costs to the Wuertz Family Fund we opened for Josh’s young family. Nothing more can be said when someone offers to do such an act – the action alone speaks louder than words I can put together to portray the kind of individual Josh was.

He is GREATLY missed as an individual , officer, husband, father, son, brother, uncle, friend……